Using .htaccess to restrict access to Files and Directories

Apache allows access to everything inside the Document Root folder by default. This means all the sub directories and their contents can be listed and accessed. However you can use .htaccess to harden the security of your Apache Server. The .htaccess is a configuration file, which if detected will be executed by Apache. If you already have …

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Affiliate Marketing : Begin from the Scratch

Affiliate network: Email Automation Tools Affiliate Tools BROWSER Tools Affilitizer – Chrome extension Ultimate Pitch – Short and sweet information Crisp and Short – Messages Category – Niche Target audience – based on country – Content and communication differ …

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How to earn money online?

The Internet makes many changes in everyone’s real life. The Internet makes the world smaller and better communication. Because of this, there are many job opportunities available online. More people are looking to ways to earn money online to increase their financial inflows.


What is the internet and how does it work?

The Internet is a global collection of computer networks that are linked together by devices called routers and use a common set of protocols for data transmission known as TCP/IP (transmission control protocol / Internet protocol). The primary purpose of the Internet is to facilitate the sharing of information.