Connect your android mobile wirelessly for flutter application development

connect wireless

Set ADB path

Remove error : zsh: command not found: adb in MAC

Go to the Home directory & tap command + shift + .

Search file ~/.bash_profile or ~/.zprofile & open it.

Add required path & save it.

export PATH=~/Library/Android/sdk/tools:$PATH
export PATH=~/Library/Android/sdk/platform-tools:$PATH
  1. Run the following command to reload your shell configuration:
source ~/.bash_profile


source ~/.zprofile

After you have set the PATH for adb, you should be able to run the adb command from any terminal window.

Wirelessly debug your android application through adb over wifi

  1. Make sure your development machine and your device is on the same wifi network
  2. Connect your device via USB
  3. On console type : adb tcpip 5555
  4. Disconnect USB and find the IP of your testing device (Settings -> About Phone -> IP Address)
  5. On console type : adb connect YOUR_LOCAL_IP_ADDRESS

How to find your IP Address in your mobile

Visit following Website to find your local IP Address

IP Address – Letsdosimple Tools

Install following application to find your local IP Address

IP Address – Apps on Google Play

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