What is domain name and how does it work?

To know about the domain name and its working principle you should familiar with the below topics.
  1. What is the internet and how does it work?
  2. What is IP address and how does it work?

What is a domain name?

domain name 1

http://letsdosimple.com – letsdosimple.com is the domain name.
http://strangerschat.letsdosimple.com/ – letsdosimple.com is the domain name and strangerschat is the subdomain name. A domain name is your website name. A domain name is an address where Internet users can access your website. A domain name can be any combination of letters and numbers. Every domain name is unique. No two websites can have the same domain name.

What is domain name extensions?


The domain name can be used in combination with the various domain name extensions, such as .com, .in, .net, .co.in, .mobi, .tk, .ga and more. The domain name must be registered from the Domain Service Provider(DSP). Domain name cost will depend on the domain name and its extension.

How domain name work?

If we type the domain name in the browser it directly goes to the Domain Service Provider and Domain Service Provider is connected with Domain registry. For every domain extension like .com, .in, .ga there is a separate registry maintained globally. The Domain Service Provider finds the equivalent IP address for the given domain and sends your request to the respective server. The server has a static IP address. So the server can accept the request provide the response for your request(your IP Address) correctly(Technical point of view – your IP address asks for some data as a request to Server IP address and the Server IP provide the requested data as a response).

Users of the domain name

A domain name is used for finding and identifying computers on the Internet. Computers use IP addresses, which are a series of numbers. However, it is difficult for humans to remember strings of numbers. Because of this, domain names were developed and used to identify entities on the Internet rather than using IP addresses.

Domain name cost and maintenance

The price of a domain name typically depends upon Domain Service Provider. Buying the new domain name cost based on the domain name familiarity and its extension. All Domain Service Provider has the separate cost for domain and its maintenance. Once you purchased the domain there should be the yearly maintenance.

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